Radiator Festival & Symposium 13-18 Jan 2009, Nottingham
Radiator, the region’s festival for art and media, returns in January 09 to spread rays of hope through the gloom brought about by rumours of Recession.

Radiator believes in Society and wants to be part of a process of building a better one. While this may seem a grand claim, change comes from such small individual acts repeated. So this year we unashamedly bring our fusion of artistic creativity and ingenuity, critical thought, social interaction and audio visual entertainment back to the East Midlands.

Radiator 09 explores how the foundations for the City of the future is being built right here under our feet and over our heads. It’s a city that is being shaped by a large number of individuals who have no need for the expense of office space but require connections and networks to operate. This suggests freedom, but inherent in the infrastructure are traps that can affect us all, eroding our hard fought for personal liberties. The citizens’ creative utilisation of their space can easily be crippled by a sudden monopolisation of the urban environment by a global concern, sold back to us as the way forward.

Amid the threatened job cuts, Radiator is offering artists work in the form of our research stipends, details of which can be found here. Going Underground sends artists in as undercover agents to find out what went wrong with our cities. Radiator compiles the outcomes of this original form of commission in a truly creative style in our Going Underground exhibition.

The Performing Space Symposium (15-16th Jan 09) with Nottingham Trent University gets artists together with architects, sociologists, city planners and urban theorists to share information about how our cities are changing and what new and challenging spaces are opening up as a result of digital media.

Since society is made up of communities, Radiator brings together the artistic community through its Trampoline and Ellectronica nights and through our partner events AGM, Hatch and Annexinema. Our Fusing Frames workshop opens up a space for the local community’s young people to get to grips with the technology that shows them the way home and allows them to leave a record of their journey for all the world to see.

And, as the last 3 years has seen an explosion of culture houses in the East Midlands, Radiator is delighted to work with Broadway, Quad, AGM, New Arts Exchange and others to bring the best of the regions’ exhibitions to within walking distance.

Remember. Radiator is not without risk. But we know our capital is solid.


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