Harness the Power of Your Mind with Meditation

Harness the Power of Your Mind with Meditation
Vanessa Stratton 18/08/23

The Power Within: Deepening the Knowledge of Your Mind Through Meditation

There's an untapped resource we all have access to, a veritable treasure chest of potential that's just waiting to be unlocked. It's not an exclusive club, a secret society, or a new age self-help book. It's much simpler, and it's closer than you think. It's your mind, and the key to unlocking its full potential is something as ancient as human civilization itself. What is it, you ask? Meditation. This is no hyperbole, folks; the benefits of meditation are supported by an ever-growing mountain of research, and the methodologies are millennia-tested.

Even as I brace the unusually hot Albuquerque summer and keep an amused eye on Pippin, my adorable Maine Coon chasing his tail, I can't help but be continually grateful for my regular meditation practice. It has profoundly enhanced my understanding, control and love for not just my mind, but this wonderful adventure we all refer to as life. Stick around, and I'm going to tell you all about it!

Understanding the Mind

Before we plunge into the depths of meditation, let me guide you through the fascinating intricacies of the human mind. Picture our ol' noggin, not just as an impromptu umbrella when it rains or a hat stand, but as a staggeringly powerful supercomputer. This supercomputer processes millions of pieces of information every second and has the capacity to learn and adapt in ways we're still only beginning to comprehend. And yet, for many of us, this astonishing resource remains greatly underutilized. Like having a Ferrari but only using it to pop over to the grocery store.

Now, let's look at another component of the mind: our thoughts. Thoughts are kind of like the software running on our brain's hardware, affecting the way we perceive and interpret the world around us. Here, the software analogy is especially apt; Just as you wouldn't let outdated or harmful software onto your computer, why would you let negative or unhelpful thoughts persist in your mind?

Magic of Meditation: Taming the Thought Beasts

The thought-exiling superhero you need is meditation. It’s like an antivirus for your mind, helping to identify and gently remove unhelpful thought patterns. In simple terms, meditation is a practice of focusing your mind on a particular object, thought, or activity like breath, a mantra, or even the act of walking, to train attention and awareness, and achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm, stable state.

Let me share a funny little story from my early dabbling into meditation. On my first day, I was directed to sit quietly and focus on my breath. Being a novice, I naively thought, "Hey, how hard can it be to think about nothing and just breathe?" Right? Thirty seconds later, I was mentally planning lunch, pondering about Pippin's next vet visit, and wondering who played the lead role in the movie I watched the previous night. So much for my clear, calm mind!

However, I persevered and soon realized this traffic of thoughts is normal. Instead of becoming frustrated, I learned to observe, not judge or become involved in my thoughts. It's like standing by a river and watching the water flow by. With practice, this mental calmness transcends the meditation session and begins seeping into every aspect of your life, creating ripples of positive change beyond the quiet corner where you meditate.

Packing Your Meditation Toolkit: Practical Tips

As the practice of meditation is deeply personal, no "one size fits all". However, here are some common, popular practices that you can draw inspiration from to create your unique meditation routine:

  • Start simple: To begin with, dedicate just a few minutes each day, gradually increasing as you get more comfortable. Use a timer so you're not always peeking at the clock.

  • Find your best time: Some prefer starting their day with meditation while others like to wind down with it. Choose a time when you won't be rushed or interrupted.

  • Get comfortable: Sitting cross-legged is not mandatory. You can sit on a chair, lie down or even walk. Remember, comfort is key!

  • Choose a technique: The delightful array of techniques include focused attention (like on your breath), loving-kindness meditation, body scan, or visualizations. Choose what resonates with you or experiment with different types.

  • Be patient: Just as you don’t expect to become a bodybuilder after a single workout, don't try to reach Nirvana after one session. This is a journey, not a destination. Enjoy it!

The Wonderful World of Meditation: Realizing the Benefits

The benefits of meditation are as diverse as they are profound. Numerous research studies suggest that meditation helps reduce stress, anxiety and depression, improves attention, decreases blood pressure and fosters a better quality of life. There are numerous other potential benefits too, many of which still elude scientific understanding and remain within the realm of personally witnessed and lived experiences.

In my own journey, I have discovered that meditation has significantly improved my ability to handle stress and has improved my attention span (which is a blessing when you have to manage a curious creature like Pippin!). Moreover, it has not just helped me "cope" better, but also nourished a beautifully profound sense of calm, contentment and connectedness.

To wrap up, remember, unlocking the full potential of your mind is a journey that invites you to be gentle and patient with yourself. It's a journey that encourages the cultivation of awareness, curiosity and compassion towards the self and the world. As you delve into the wonderful world of meditation, I hope you find the keys to your mind's unlimited potential and the wisdom to harness it wisely. Happy meditating!

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