The Office of Community Sousveillance

PCSO Watch

Van in the city centre

Preview: 14 Jan 6-8pm

15-17 Jan 2-7pm

17-18 Jan 12-4pm New Arts Exchange

18-24 Jan 2-6pm

The Office Of Community Sousveillance
PCSO Watch dates from Oct 2007, when the founding member of the Office of Community Sousveillance was fined £30 by a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO), for cycling over the pavement to a cycle stand in Nottingham City Centre.

PCSO Watch will be appointing its very own 'sousveillance officers' to co-ordinate an information gathering exercise in the period leading up to the festival. The findings of this serious-piece-of-research-completely-unmotivated-by-revenge will be made public and interactive during the festival and will be presented in collaboration with guest undercover officers operating from a mobile field unit placed temporarily in hotspots around the city.

“Cup of tea, officer? Very good. Now how can I help?”

Please call PCSO Watch hotline for up-to-date info during the festival period on +44 (0)7530946082 or TXT (R8R) to +44 (0)7786200690

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