Keynote speeches by:

Saskia Sassen:
Sociologist and economist noted for her analyses of globalisation and international human migration, USA

Richard Barbrook: Critic of the neo-liberal cyber-elite, University of Westminster, Department of Politics&IR, UK

Duncan Campbell:
Freelance Investigative Journalist, UK

JODI: pioneer net artist duo - Joan Heemskerke/NL – Dirk Paesmans/BE

Presentations by:

Saul Albert: Co-organiser of Dorkbot, and co-founder of The People Speak, UK

Neil Cummings: Professor of Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art&Design, UK

Glenn Davidson: Artists, member of Artstation, commissioned by Radiator

Usman Haque: Architect&Artist, UK

Charlie Gere: Director of Research at the Institute for Cultural Research at Lancaster University UK

Peter Goodwin: Executive Director of Accelerate Nottingham, think-tank on ICT issues for Nottingham

Folke Köbberling:
artist, commissioned by Radiator, DE

Rob Van Kranenburg: De Waag Society, NL

Krzysztof Nawratek:
Lecturer in Architecture, University of Plymouth

Ian Nesbitt: artist, commissioned by Radiator

Gordan Savicic: artist, AT/NL

Holger Schnädelbach: Mixed Reality Laboratory, University of Nottingham, UK

Øivind Alexander Slaatto (N55): artists, commissioned by Radiator, DK

Simon Sheikh: curator and critic
Stanza: artist UK

Moderated by:

Miles Chalcraft: Artistic Director of Radiator
David Crouch: Professor Emeritus in Cultural Geography and Senior Research Fellow at the University of Derby, UK
Sean Dodson: The Guardian, UK
Susanne Jaschko: Curator at Netherland’s Media Art Institute
Joost Van Loon: Institute for Cultural Analysis Nottingham Trent University, UK
Anette Schäfer: Artistic Director of Radiator
Mike Stubbs: Director of FACT, Liverpool
Kuba Szreder: Independent Curator, PL
Andreas Wittel:
lecturer in the Faculty of Humanities at Nottingham Trent University

Observers and advisors:

Sarah Cook: Researcher, co-founder and co-editor of CRUMB (the Curatorial Resource for Upstart Media Bliss), an online resource for curators, producers, commissioners and exhibitors of new media art, UK

Regine Debatty: Initiated a weblog for critical media art and cultural discourse, BE/DE

Alessandro Ludovico:
Editor of Neural Magazine, IT

Laura Sillars:
Head of Programming at FACT, Liverpool, UK