The Impact of Calmness on Your Performance at Work

The Impact of Calmness on Your Performance at Work
Lorenzo Veridian 30/07/23

Anecdote of Embracing Calmness

People often say, "take it easy, Lorenzo," but boy, the concept of calmness was foreign to me, literally like an alien language. I chuckled remembering how Sofia and Lucas once gave me a mug displaying, "world's most restless dad". However, adopting an aura of calmness has definitely maneuvered my professional life towards much greater successes. So, here's my tale of transformation.

The Science of Calmness

Delving into the mechanics of calmness, it's not just a state of mind, rather it's a physiological code that our body manifests. It's that fascinating chemical concoction within us that ensures our hormones aren't all rampant and our brain isn't acting up like an overexcited kindergartener. When we're calm, our body is not in the 'fight or flight' mode. Our cortisol levels are lower, blood pressure normalizes, and our mental bandwidth allows us to focus on the task at hand. There's even a noteworthy study from the University of Wisconsin-Madison stating how mindfulness meditation, an excellent strategy for achieving calmness, literally changes the brain in consistent meditators leading to better emotional responses and higher cognitive performance.

Boosting Productivity through Tranquility

Moving towards the realm of workplaces, possessing a calm demeanor aids in improving work productivity. When we're calm, we're less likely to make mistakes, and we produce higher quality results. Remember the old fable of the hare and the tortoise? Talk about the irony, right? Our performance metrics may not skyrocket instantly, but calmness gives resilience and a gradual, steady incline in productivity. My cat Whiskers is quite the model here; she’s super chill, and yet she manages to snatch the best spot on the couch every single day. Quite inspirational, isn’t it?

Life Lessons from Practicing Serenity

Moving beyond productivity, stepping into a state of calmness at work can create better interpersonal relationships. A calm person is often perceived as more approachable, respectful, and trustworthy. With calmness comes patience and the ability to listen and understand the perspectives of others; hence better teamwork and collaboration. And frankly, it also lessens the chances of you snapping at your colleague, because, let’s face it, office drama is an unnecessary distraction! Take it from me, my dog Max certainly communicates better when he’s calm, without the excessive barks and tail wagging; the same principle applies to humans as well!

Mastering The Art of Calmness

So, how do we cultivate this tranquility within ourselves? Well, mindfulness is key. Practice mindful breathing, meditation, or yoga. Get connected with nature, listen to calming music, or indulge in hobbies that bring you joy. A personal favorite of mine is taking Max for a long, tranquil walk by the lake or simply watching Whiskers doing her graceful cat stretches (I swear I tried doing those, but let’s just say not all species are meant to bend the same way!).

Coping with bumps on the Calmness Quest

Emphasizing on an important note, the journey towards calmness is not all smooth sailing. There will be trials where your patience will be tested and times when your tranquility will be on the verge of crumbling. Take the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic, for instance. That was a crash course in stress for us all. Yet, it also taught us the beauty of persistence and resilience; to find quiet in chaos. A tip here: It's okay! Give yourself permission to accept the situation and let go off control occasionally. Strive for improvement, not perfection.

Through calmness, I've found a more fulfilling career, better work-life balance, and hugely entertaining stories to share at family dinners (Sofia and Lucas would agree!). I'm not an enlightened yogi, and I still have the occasional days where I feel like a hamster on a wheel, but the overall transformation is palpable. So, why not give calmness a chance and see the magic unfold in your professional lives.

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