Radiator Festival for New Technology Art teamed up with Digital Cultures at Nottingham Trent University to host a Symposium and facilitate a Digital Arts Lab.

Over forty of the leading practitioners in the world today working with technology- based dance forms were invited to come to Nottingham to examine whether interactive performance and other systems of technology-based creativity have contributed to the collaborative culture of new dance.

Real time transmission of observable, transcodable data and the ability of extending the reach of one's hand across the globe have created entirely new stages on which artists can play. At the same time, new techniques have extended body perception through the sensory apparatus of the computer creating new physicalities to explore.

With this the simultaneity of space has evaporated and so performer and audience can be separated by day and night, by outside and inside, by mountains of geographic data. On a global stage, artists from different geographies can enter transcontinental collaborations raising the question of how the digitisation of the arts has transformed cultural traditions and practices.




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