Radiator Festival, the East Midlands' Festival for New Technology Art, is pleased to announce its upcoming events for 2005 featuring current innovative artistic approaches in the digital arts field. Themed around location and navigation, of city streets and the artform itself, this year’s event explores the ever-shifting boundaries and blurring borders of a map which continues to resist our pins. 

In this season's Radiator commissions, the artists have taken the time and the place where they are now and have projected onto this territory the future or the past. They take brave steps into space and time travel, planting flags of unique discovery. They make the first manned landing on Mars and rebuild Nottingham underwater; they map a childhood home over Broadway and plant a solitary tree of white light into the cement cityscape. Yet like all cartography there are areas beyond the reach of the mapmakers - the edge of the reasonable, definable world. At these boundaries, fearing the worst, the mapmakers have flagged us up a warning - 'Ere be Dragons'.

Download the Radiator Brochure
Download the Radiator Festival Brochure including the Radiator & Digital Cultures Symposium on Performance, Dance, and Technology Art as well as the public performances of the Digital Cultures Lab.
This 2MB pdf will need Acrobat Reader to open.

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