Mobile unit based on Gregory Boulevard 17/18 January

Saturday 17 January Incident report (ref 236) "I'm disabled, Ive had both knees replaced. One operation was 3 years ago, the other just 6 months ago. I'm still waiting for operations for replacement elbows and shoulders. I can walk, but you can see its painful and with a lot of difficulty. I don't want to use a wheelchair or a mobility buggy. I want to keep as mobile as I can. One thing I can still do is ride a bike. I use the bike as a mobility aid. I can also lean on it when I walk. I live around here and Gregory Boulevard is really dangerous. I just don't feel safe riding in the road.I need to be on the pavement. My problem with the officers is that I get singled out for riding my bike on the pavement. I keep getting harassed.

Incident report from mobile unit

Incident report (ref 232)

16.30 Thursday 15 January 2008 Outside the PCSO WATCH mobile unit parked (with permission) on private land at the edge of Sneinton Market.

Knock on the PCSO WATCH door..... we open it and there are 2 CPO’s.

They are the same officers who came to the mobile unit at 15.15-15.45 when it was staffed by Officer B. (see separate incident report) .They also visited the Surface Gallery and spoke to a member of staff. In addition they had ten minutes earlier observed us observing them at about 16.20.

Landscape Gardener

Officer B report of incident

Incident report (ref 230)

15.15-15.45 Thursday 15 January 2008

LOCATION - PCSO WATCH mobile unit parked legally (with landowners permission) on private land at the edge of Sneinton Market. Officer B was staffing the mobile unit.


On patrol in the city centre

15 January

Meanwhile as the festival gets underway remember it's not all support, support,support you know'. To quote Emma Goldman 'a revolution without dancing is not a revolution worth having.'

Official launch day

14 January 2008 It's our special day. We are proud to announce that our mobile unit for the Office of Community Surveillance is officially launched today. We are everywhere. In Nottingham you'll find us targeting PCSO hotspots to provide on the spot reporting.

It's enough to make you want to dance in Doncaster........

The move to patrol in uniform

Undercover oper
Whilst our undercover operations continue out on the streets observing PCSO's and CPO's, from today, we will have PCSO Watch officers on patrol in uniform providing an alternative visible and reassuring presence on the streets.

Officer De Railleur

Incident reports coming in

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