Radiator Symposium 2009

Exploits in the Wireless City

Broadway Media Centre, Nottingham UK
15 – 16 January 2009

As part of the 4th Radiator festival, the Radiator Symposium, “Exploits in the Wireless City”, aims to instigate discussion, debate and new interdisciplinary research networks based on the understanding that the development of digital networks are transforming our notion of (public and private) space.

Bringing together artists with architects, urban theorists, computer scientists, sociologists and fellow citizens, the symposium will explore, question and play with this new urban topography where the re-conceptualizing of the public sphere in the regeneration developments of the East Midlands mirror those around Europe.

Radiator will host the symposium alongside a series of presentations, exhibitions and discussions where the audience will have the opportunity to explore, remodel and re-present space in its traditional and emergent forms.

In its critique, the Radiator symposium will question the opportunities, future strategies and implementations that artists and communities face when learning to act within these new hybrid city spaces.

Through its artistic interventions, Radiator will put theory into practice with projects and events that both position and challenge the dominant forces at work in the urban environment and explore the new territories opened up by hybrid space. The “Going Underground” project, investigates this infrastructure by placing 5 artists into the urban confines of British cities: Glenn Davidson (Artstation) (UK), Folke Köbberling&Martin Kaltwasser (DE), Ian Nesbitt (UK), Christian Nold (UK), N55 (DK). These artists will act as sleeper agents, observing and gathering information from a range of different sources including; architects, planning departments, city council offices, surveillance, monitoring centre’s and the Police to create new work in response to their research.