Digital Broadway

During January, the Radiator Festival will be presenting works in and around Broadway, tuning into the theme of the Wireless City.

JODI - GEO GOO (Info Park)
Glass Screen

JODI explores the relations between the world we build through the Internet and the one based on our past mental and physical maps. Services such as GoogleMaps™ have changed radically our worldview by making the Globe accessible as a commercial multi-user surface. Here JODI plays with the processes of coding/decoding, of deciphering cryptic data in a chaotic surface in order to uncover hidden messages in geometric shapes.

Radiator&NTU Presents: Broadway Live Lecture
Fri 16 January 11am

BLU - Muto
CaféBar Screen

When stop-motion meets street art painted frame by frame, Blu creates a technical tour de force traversing the walls and oozing over the cityscapes of Bueno Aires and Baden.

Visual Foreign Correspondents
Small Screens

Visual Foreign Correspondents is a Dutch platform for Urban Screens who have invited a selection of artists from around the world to give their personal visual commentary on current cultural events from their situated perspective. See also p. x (Urban Screens)

Spectres of the Spectrum

Sun 18 Jan 8.45pm
Cinema Screen 4
Advised Cert 15
Length: 1hr 31 mins
Director: Craig Baldwin

Spectres of the SpectrumSpectres of the Spectrum is a feature-length 16mm film utilizing old 'kinescopes' (filmed records of early TV broadcasts before the advent of videotape) to create an eerie, haunted "media-archaeology" zone for a sci-fi time-travel tale, wherein live-action actors search for a hidden electromagnetic secret to save the planet from a futuristic war-machine.