Sebastian Craig

Ongoing Notional Model of Brooklyn via Architectural Experiments

Surface Gallery
15-17 Jan 2-7pm
18-24 Jan 2-6pm
Preview: 14 Jan 6-8pm

Digital model and animation, digital prints, 2008/9, (Documentary Photographs by T.Coburn)

Sebastian Craig is an artist and the Director of i-cabin Projects ( 

Taking architecture as the core inevitable function of both physical and meta-physical products, Craig intends to build informational structures that have a defined output.

O.N.M.B.V.A.E is the largest of Sebastian Craig's series of "notional architectures". For Radiator, Craig will build a virtual city, envisaging a digital synonym for the New York borough of Brooklyn, a place that Craig has never been. 

The model has, up to this point, been built through online discussion and SMS Text with the artist and New York resident Tyler Coburn. Via this communication, Sebastian Craig has constructed architectural experiments in the form of “Pavilions” which have been mapped into the model of the virtual site. Via the hand of Coburn and others, the experiments were subsequently conducted among the streets of the real city.
As potential inhabitants, Sebastian Craig invites visitors to contribute their personal and colloquial memories or visions of Brooklyn, which will become cultural artefacts upon which the notional city will be built. 

Craig will be developing the city throughout the Radiator Festival in response to the texts received.  Updated versions will be displayed at the festival as they arrive.

Contributions may be real or imagined descriptions or experiences and should be submitted here