Folke Köbberling & Martin Kaltwasser

Blind Spot

Surface Gallery
Preview: 14 Jan 6-8pm
15-17 Jan 2-7pm
18-24 Jan 2-6pm

Köbberling&Kaltwasser’s large architectural structures attempt to make visible the value of movement and communication through the transformation of found materials into publicly used objects and spaces. Using the city as a field of artistic experimentation, addressing issues of public space and sustainability, their installations, exhibitions and interventions critically question privatisation and economic pressures.

For Radiator, Köbberling & Kaltwasser will measure the shape of an urban city space that escapes the gaze of CCTV cameras.  This area will be used as the floor plan of a new building constructed from the materials of its direct environment to become a new public space designed for un-determined interaction.

The work will be an act of resistance to occupy and reclaim a space and change its meaning. At the same time, the work mirrors the socio-economic aspect of the city - the city as a resource, the materiality of the city, the free material of a city.

‘Blind Spot’ asks for sustainability, encouraging similar spaces everywhere to resist the powers that be, the powers that create a homogenised surveillance state.

Köbberling&Kaltwasser have exhibited in Germany and increasingly internationally. Their first Uk project in summer 2008 was a residency at Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge, where they built “Amphis”. In 2009 they will be artists in residence at the Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw/Poland, at Villa Serpentara in Olevano,/Italy as well as the Chinati Foundation, Marfa, Texas, USA.