Glenn Davidson (ARTSTATION)

ON/OFF (button research)

Surface Gallery
Preview: Wed 14 Jan 6-8pm
15-17 Jan 2-7pm
18-24 Jan 2-6pm

Glenn Davidson creates socially located interactive film and digital image works.  For Radiator, Davidson will be undertaking covert research looking at the use and possible abuse of ON/OFF buttons. The ON/OFF button has become so ubiquitous in our lives we are almost unaware of them. In ON /OFF (button research) Davidson looks at one of the root causes of global warming – the ON/OFF button, exploring the way we are drawn to consume through use of switches. In his research resulting in this piece, he will look at three parts of the subject, the button in itself, the relationship with the human body and finally what relationship the button has to its “effect” in the world - what the button does.

Because of the problems of abundance, exacting methods will be used to limit research, such that it will not be overrun by buttons.

Davidson also works with Anne Hayes on Artstation, creating temporary architectural sculpture and installation.

ON/OFF (button research) by Glenn Davidson is one of the two selected works co-commissioned by Radiator Festival and FACT, Liverpool. After launching at Radiator in January 2009, the piece will be part of FACT’s exhibition ‘Climate for Change’ in March 2009.